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Valve Remote Control System
As the best China Valve Remote Control System supplier,RONGDE provides quality Valve Remote Control System to global clients
RDFK Valve Remote Control System is used for the remote centralized management of butterfly valve through the oil pressure, pneumatic pressure and electric. Meanwhile, it indicates the position of butterfly valve. It is not only used in vessel industry, such as, ballast pipeline system, bilge system, cargo oil pipeline, and so on; but also in pipeline of other fields , such as, petroleum, chemical industry, drilling platform and so on. When the liquid is corrosive, inflammable and explosive, please declare the condition and requirement.
The valve remote control system is included followed types:
1. Hydraulic type valve remote control system
2. Pneumatic type valve remote control system
3. Electric type valve remote control system
4. Screw-down valve control system
5. Manual hydraulic control stand